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Frequently Asked Questions Page #1

 Q: Do you service areas outside of Los Angeles County ?
 A: Yes, we service the entire State of California, please check the
      Process Serving Visa page for our Statewide Rates.
 Q: Should I go with the Routine, Rush, or Priority Service ?
 A: Generally, If you need your service completed within 2 days
      we recommend Rush service.
       If you need your service completed within 24 hours or less we recommend Priority.
      All other services will be considered Routine, and can sometimes take 5 days
      or more to complete. (depending on the difficulty of service, and the
      Process Server's overall workload for that week.)
 Q: I have more than one defendant, or witness I need served at the same address location
       Do I get a price break ?
 A: Yes, the first defendant served is the base charge.
      The second, third, fourth, etc. are additional defendants. There is only a
      $20 Charge per each additional "served at the same time, same case"
 Q: How many service attempts do you make ?
  A: Unlimited attempts until served. Or until we determine we have a incorrect address.
      (Defendant moved, address typo, etc.)
      We will attempt your service mornings, afternoons, weeknights, and weekends.
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Phone 1-800-799-5142  Fax 1-800-605-5144
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific
Los Angeles County Offices
655 S. Flower Street #326
Los Angeles, CA. 90017
17216 Saticoy Street #358
Van Nuys, CA. 91406
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